Morbic 12 "PROTEUS"
The name was inspired by the shape-changing nature of our craft - Lug to Sloop-Lug rig - a characteristic attributed to Proteus the Greek god of rivers and oceanic bodies of water. Apparently "He answers only to those who are capable of capturing him".

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1) From Kit to Completion
7/2/20 to Launch 9/9/20

Major highlights

Still adding to this group.

9/9/20 Onward

"Proteus" is not quite finished - but is sailing!
(Is a self-build boat ever complete?)
Other recent pics to be uploaded.

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Other pics, and some repetition of the above, available HERE. .

Our Sources
Design - Francois Vivier.
Plywood kit supplied by Jordan Boats.
Hardwood, and spruce for mast and spars from Tyler Hardwoods.
Expert advice from our friend, master boatbuilder Colin Henwood.
Sails James Lawrence Sailmakers


Morbic 12 Sloop diagram
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