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Chasing each other around the marks at your club is fine. Try combining racing with “exploring foreign waters”; it takes the pleasure of sailing to a higher level.
The “foreign waters” visited on this occasion were no further away than Devon; Dittisham to be precise, about 3 miles upriver from Dartmouth.
Based on an article written for Reading Sailing Club.
Pictures; MT (@mrbarnstormer), PT, PW, and various fellow sailors - Thank you. Click any picture to enlarge.

River Dart
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Darting around with “Old Gaffers".

Friday evening -

The long weekend began with participants meeting for the Welcome Drinks Party in the organiser’s extensive garden, right behind Dittisham Sailing Club. Later, some who were still hungry found food at nearby pubs.

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The morning was free for whatever one wished.

A mid-day briefing was followed by a Parade of Sail in front of crowds gathered for the Dittisham Village Regatta. 
The timing of this, and the subsequent racing, is dictated by the tides. 
The parading boats were described by the commentator while the adoring crowd applauded.

Competitors then moved swiftly upriver toward the race start line.
On this occasion the wind was somewhat “brisk”, and on some bends in the river it was blowing against the tide, which those of you who enjoy tidal waters will understand is inclined to raise quite a chop. Today was a classic example of this phenomenon; indeed so much so that the race was cancelled while some of the 15 competitors were still heading to the start!
Never mind, there was still plenty of fun returning downriver to the sailing club.

Evening included a prize-giving. The three Morbics were applauded, and awarded mugs, for sailing in conditions so challenging that some craft had not attempted it – Well done the three Morbics!
The organisers deftly overcame the mysterious absence of the caterers by collecting takeaways from the Ferry Boat Inn. The party was kept merry with plenty of drink remaining from Friday evening’s stock.

Three Morbics
Three Morbics . Click to enlarge

Parade of Sail
Parade of Sail.
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Ditisham Regatta Fun and Frolicks
Ditisham Regatta
Fun and Frolicks
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Prize Mugs!
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Breakfast. (2022)
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Traditionally begins with breakfast at The Red Lion, conveniently situated in the village centre; so central is it that it also operates a busy mini-market and Post Office.

A large breakfast might not be conducive to sailing but with lovely waters to explore, and the lure of an up-river pub lunch, how can one resist?

The winds had calmed a little since Saturday but still demanded caution, and most craft sailed with at least one reef.

Three MOrbics Sunday Morning
Three Morbics.
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Does this look like an event you’d like to try next August?
Joining The Old Gaffers Association is optional; they welcome anyone with an interest in traditionally rigged craft - Gaff, Lug, Spritsail.
South West Gaffers - "Championing all traditional rig sailing in South West England".

Accommodation - There are free pitches close to the river for tents and camper-vans. The less hardy seek local bricks and mortar.

Interested? - Expand your horizons - Explore exciting new waters - Shift your sailing pleasure up a level.
Try those in UK and Europe, described elsewhere on this site:-
- Usually April - Calshot/Cowes 1-day sail.
- May, Semaine do Golfe. (Alternate years)
- June, Falmouth Classics & Helford.
- Dart RSC October’23.


More Raid-like events - Hosted by others - Attended by UK Morbics, include - Some listed in "Raiding"
Other expeditions and events
attended by "Proteus" are in the right hand column of "Proteus" - Voyages .....

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