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RAIDING - "What is it?"

"A fleet of small boats exploring an inland waterway or coastline over a period of several days"

"A sail-and-oar adventure"

"A leisure pursuit"

For the dynamic short video, see right . -->
(Compiled for Reading Sailing Club presentation Jan 2018)

"Raid (boating)" Wikipedia Definition.


What is Raiding?
Video Raiding Presentation

Video 5:27
Dorestad Raid 2023 by Koos
Brief Video 2:24 - Full Video 9:09

Raids and + Other Morbic-worthy events + Miscellaneous Other Possibilities . Some Organisations which run events . Info about Brexit and boating abroad .

Raids + Other Morbic-worthy events + Miscellaneous possibilities.

Calendar 2024 - Please let us know if you have any info about these or others. [ Items in square brackets are not 2024 ]

Tu 26 Mar - Mon 1 Apr 2024. Escale a Sete (S France). (Mainly large craft? + Includes Sail-and-Oar) (not yet visited)

Wed 8 - Sun 12 May 2024 Fecamp Grand Escale, Normandy. Small dinghies to tall ships. Parades, Music, Exhibitions, etc. (not yet visited)

Thu 9 - Sun 12 May 2024. Pasaia Maritime Festival . Near Bilbao, Spain. (Lovely venue. Lots of on-shore events, minimal organised sailing) (Not yet visited)

Sun 12 May 2024 (Not a raid - Open day at Reading Sailing Club) . Morbic-worthy - "Proteus" will be there!

[ La Morue en Fête, Binic, France. 18-21 May 2023. (Maybe mainly shore-baased?) (not yet visited) ]

Thu 23 - Sun 26 May 2024.2024 . Oostened at Anchor . Maritime Festival . Free to participants! (Not yet visited)

Sat 25 - Sun 26 May 2024 . Brixham Heritage Regatta. Includes "trailer-sailors & dinghies" (not yet visited) (is not the similarly named "Rally" in Sept)

[ Late May/Jun ?. Sail Caledonia The Great Glen and Loch Ness . Raid . Stunning scenery (Not cheap!). (We've enjoyed it but clashes with Venice which is warmer!) (Has it folded?) ]

Sun 19 May 2024 - Venice - Three events in 8 days - Vogalonga (Long Row) + 21st - 24th May, Vela Raid 4-days (Alternate years?) Morbic-worthy + 26th May, Velalonga 1-day (Sailing race)

[ Route du Sable - [Jun 2022. . 2024 date not known].Two days - Rosnoën to Châteaulin. (Not yet visited - Has it folded?) ]

[ Poole Maritime Festival . Jun ? - Date TBA. (Not yet visited - Has it folded?) ]

[ ??? Jun 2024. ???] . SeaFairHaven . Maritime Festival. (Could be Morbic-worthy) Milford Haven and the River Cleddau. (Has it folded?) ]

Fri 14 - Sun 16 Jun 2024 . Falmouth Classics . Races, Parades, Events ashore. Shanty Festival. (RECOMMENDED. Morbic-worthy)
Then a day later nearby
Mon 17 - Tu 18 Jun 2024 - SW OGA Helford Rally. (RECOMMENDED. Morbic-worthy) . (Awaiting OGA website update)

21 — 23 Jun 2024.Portsoy (Aberdeenshire) Trad boat festival. (not yet visited) (Not a raid)

Fri 5 – Sun 7 July 2024. Mousehole Sea salts & Sail Festival -.(Not yet visited) Looks Morbic-worthy..

Fri 12 to Wed 17 Jul 2024. Brest Massive Maritime Festival (4-yearly). [Temp link]] It's big, REALLY BIG! . Free to participants! (Morbic-worthy)
Then nearby
Thurs 18 - Sun 21 Jul 2024. Douarnenez [New link] Maritime Festival (Alternate years). Free to participants! (Morbic-worthy)

Fri 19 - Sun 21 Jul 2024 Bristol Harbour Festival - (A town festival on the harbourside.- No organised sailing?)

[ Aber Wrac'h [29-31 Jul 2022] (not yet visited) ]

Sat 3 - Sat 17 Aug 2024 Dutch OGA Rally (Is it a raid?) Further info . - Drop in en-route to/from Hel? - (Raid to Hel above)

Sat 10 - Th 15 Aug 2024. Raid to Hel. DCA event. Puck Bay sheltered by the amazingly long and thin Hel Peninsula. Date & details TBC

Fri 9 - Sun 11 Aug 2024.Cardigan Bay Regatta New Quay (not yet visited)

Fr 16 - Sun 18 Aug 2024*.OGA SW Gaffers River Dart Rally. *(According to OGA calendar). RECOMMENDED Morbic-worthy.

Thu 29 - Sat 31 Aug 2024. Dartmouth Royal Regatta. (Includes "gaffers and dinghies"). (not yet visited)

26 Aug - 1st Sep. 2024 Nantes Festival = Festival Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre (not yet visited) Jazz et Belle plaisance - Roger Barnes Video - Official video.

7 Sep 2024. Brixham Heritage Sailing Rally a 1-day event, not a raid. (is not the similarly named "Regatta" in May) (not yet visited)

Fri 6 - Sun 8 Sep 2024. Raid Extreme. (Friesland). Annual tour of Lauwersmeer. Race or be leisurely. RECOMMENDED Morbic-worthy.
One Morbic (or more) will stay on for a few days to enjoy leisurely sailing - either Lauwersmere or other Dutch waterways. ('Cos Dorestad Raid is fully booked). JOIN US? . . . . (Pre-dep notes. )

Wed 11 - Sun 15 Sep 2024 - Dorestad Raid 20th Anniversary. 2024 starting at Deventer. Run by Natuuralijk Varen (Natural Sailing). (pics here) - RECOMMENDED Morbic-worthy. Numbers limited. Now Waiting List only.

Fri 4 - Sun 6 Oct 2024 - OGA Reeuwijk Raid. Dutch OGA. - Morbic-worthy..

[ Entre Terre et Der - 1-3 Oct 2021. (not yet visited) (Maybe Morbic-worthy) ]

And many, UK and Europe - Please ask!

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Links to reports of Morbic visits
are below

Falmouth Classics 2022.

Falmouth Classics 2023
& OGA Helford Rally 2023


OGA River Dart Rally 2022.
OGA River Dart Rally 2023.


Dorestad Raid 2022.

Raid Extreme 2023 &
Dorestad Raid 2023

Links to other reports are in
"Voyages of Proteus".

Some organisations which run events .

Dinghy Cruising Association - "Promote the use of sailing dinghies for purposes other than racing".

Old Gaffers Association - "Preserve and encourage interest in gaff, lug and spritsail rig".Calendar.
See South West Gaffers - "Championing all traditional rig sailing in South West England".

UK Home-Built Boat Rally and the UKHBBR Forum.

Natuuralijk Varen - Probably best known for the annual Dorestad Raid (See above).

Federation Voile-Aviron Calendar of events (A few identified for 2024)

Naviguer Autrement - 2023 calendar awaited.

Tall Ships Network Festivals (boats of all sizes?) (not yet visited)

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< Organisations
some of which run

If you know others Please tell us!

To be researched .

2) 28 September to 6 October 2024 Mainly modern yachts?

3) Rouen. Next is 2027. Minimal potential for Morbics?

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Other years' data stored for reference.

25 Feb 2024. Raid Extreme (Sept), Registration extended to newcomers See below. Limited numbers = Always over-subscribed. 2024 Registration - "Returners" from 19th Jan - Newcomers from Sunday 25th Feb, Sunrise. (PW calc = 07:34 NL = 06:34 UK).

4 March 2024. Registration opens for Dorestad Raid (Sept) See below. Limited numbers = Always over-subscribed. See these new registration rules to limit numbers!

15 - 21 May 2023 - Alternate years - Semaine de Golfe. Maritime Festival. Free to participants! A thousand traditional craft enjoy the inland sea, Golfe du Morbihan. (every 2 years) . RECOMMENDED

"OGA 60" Cardiff Bay was 2023 July?.

[ [Sail Amsterdam (5-yearly) Next = August 2025]. (not yet visited) ]

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Brexit & Boating abroad .

Our recent visits from UK to EU (2022 & 2023) have not thrown up significant customs or immigration problems. On one occasion we were waved through without stopping. On another we answered a few simple questions and offered to open the boat's cover.
We suggest - Carry evidence of; (a) the event/s you will be attending, preferably with evidence of accommodation; (b) your return transport booking to the UK including your boat; (c) your boat's insurance and your ownership of it; (d) your driving licence, car insurance and recovery insurance.

Still concerned?

1) Click here and scroll down to "The following is from the EU official website of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION"
It is not a legal document, but is a useful start.
Go on down to "Where can you find the legal texts?"

2) Frequently Asked Questions on: Rules for private boats. Includes links to the legal texts.

3) > Plagiarised from the above > "Where can you find the legal texts?
The legal provisions on temporary admission are found in:
 Articles 250 to 253 of the Union Customs Code (UCC).
(Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 October 2013 laying down the Union Customs Code); NB Be careful if you want to print this as the whole of the Code is 160 pages long - print using the menu 'File' and select the pages you want).
 and in particular Articles 207 to 217 of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446 (UCC-DA). (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446 of 28 July 2015); NB Be careful if you want to print from this as the implementing provisions is 613 pages long! - print using the menu 'File' and select the pages you want).
Important Disclaimer ".

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< Brexit & Boating abroad

Raids and other Morbic-worthy events . A miscellany of Other Possibilities . Some Organisations which run events . Info about Brexit and boating abroad

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