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Sailing - Better Nearer Home?

Here are two UK events to enjoy ashore or afloat but in case you thnk Sailing in Brittany, however wonderful, is too far away for you.

One RSC Member's view of two consecutive June events in Cornwall - With plenty of interest for non-sailors

Falmouth has some of the best sailing waters in the world, with many vantage points to view the events which take place in Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay.
Following on from Falmouth Classics, you can sail across the bay and up the Helford River for Helford Regatta.

Map FAlmouth and Helford
Falmouth / Helford overview
Click to enlarge

(1) Falmouth Classics -

A prestigious and truly international annual regatta. Three days of enjoyable racing, a spectacular parade of Classic Boats, and a Small Classic Craft Parade.
All this coincides with “Falmouth Shanty Festival” and other on-shore events which are open to anybody.
Fun and frolics for all the family, and for all tastes, nautical or not!
For your diary? Fri 14 – Sun 16 June 2024.

The 2023 event attracted 206 craft including a brig, ex fishing luggers, crabbers, a post boat used in Scilly, oyster dredgers, gaff and Bermudan cruisers, Bermudan rigged racers, gigs and a fleet of steam boats.
RSC’s “Proteus” was the smallest dinghy present; almost excluded for being only 12ft 4, but fitting the bowsprit makes her 5 inches above the 14ft minimum.

pics - Map. Falmouth – (Public domain with PW additions)

Carric Roads
Carrick Roads.
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Thursday 15th June 2023 – Priorities were launching, finding the berth, settling-in - Then "Recption at The Haven" = Free beer and pasties!.

Brig at Falmouth Classics – (“Classics” website)

Brig @ Falmouth 2023
Brig seen at Falmouth. Click to enlarge

Friday 16th – This was mainly about two races, with lunch afloat - Then "Welcome Recption" at the National Maritime Museum = More food and drink!.
The Sea Shanty Festival was in full swing for those wanting more entertainment..

Friday 1st Race
Racing. Click to enlarge

Saturday 17th – Morning racing.
Afternoon aquatic activities in the inner harbour. Then, guess? "Falmouth Classics Supper" at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club.

Classics viewed from “Proteus” (Paul W). Light winds on Friday presented a challenge to many craft.

Meanwhile, The Sea Shanty Festival entertained the landlubbers.

Racing Falmouth 2023
More racing . Click to enlarge

Sunday 18th June 2023 - Mainly Parades, and Prizes.
Two significant spectacles for non-sailors and tourists -
Morning - The major Parade of sail and power - in Carrick Roads..
Afternoon - Steam and Small Boat Parade in the Inner Harbour with commentary for the adoring crowds. - The theme was Pirates and Privateers.

Later - Final Prize-giving at the National Maritime Museum - Plus more food and drink!
Access was tricky because of an incredible crush of people truing to access the final line-up at the Sea Shanty Festival which included "Longest Johns" and "Fisherman’s Friends".

Ancient MAriner?
Ancient Mariner tells a salty tale?

Small Boats PArade
Small Boats Parade
. Click to enlarge

Small Boats PArade
Small Boats Parade. Click to enlarge
Prizegiving. Click to enlarge

(2) OGA Helford Regatta

Suitable for "boats of all sizes".

This is organised by the Old Gaffers Association; (no, don’t imagine it’s a gathering only for elderly men, though you may encounter some). The association fosters interest in traditional rigs including gaff, lug and spritsail, by welcoming all types of boats and their owners as long as they share an enthusiasm for traditional rigs.

Monday 19th June The evening BBQ

Tuesday 20th June . Racing in the estuary, then a prize-giving dinner.

Helford BBQ BBQ. Helford Rally. Click

Helford [??? Quay
OGA boats . Click to enlarge

Helford River
Helford River
. Click

View from Helford SC
Helforrd SC pontoons . Click

Prizes? - Did someone mention prizes?

For the second consecutive year “Proteus” gained two prizes at Falmouth:-
2nd in Class J in the series of three races.
Best presented boat in the Small Boat Parade.
At Helford, “Proteus” acquitted herself well by being 3rd in class.
Paul W & Robin P.

The "Chocolates"! . Click

Links -
- Falmouth Classics - Falmouth International Dea Shanty Festival
- OGA Helford Regatta..

Interested? - Expand your horizons - Explore exciting new waters - Shift your sailing pleasure up a level.
Or try those in UK and Europe, linked from, "Raiding":- and "Proteus - Voyages", e.g:-
- Usually April - Calshot/Cowes 1-day sail.
- May, La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan. (Alternate years)
- June, Falmouth Classics & Helford. (Above)
- Dart RSC October’23.


Proteus Track Friday
Track. Fri Race 1

More Raid-like events - Hosted by others - Attended by UK Morbics, include - Some listed in "Raiding"
Other expeditions and events
attended by "Proteus" are in the right hand column of "Proteus" - Voyages .....

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